17 - 20 October 2017 · Messe Augsburg · Germany


Interlift, the world’s leading trade fair for elevators, will be more international than ever before in 2017

Indeed, elevator companies from 46 countries will present their latest innovations in Augsburg / Italy and China are the main participants after Germany

Augsburg − Over 570 elevator companies − roughly 30 more than two years ago − will be presenting their novelties in Augsburg from 17 to 30 October. 71 percent of them come from outside Germany; 46 countries will be represented there altogether, more than ever before. The range of in-novations is also expected to expand again in comparison to 2015. In view of these circumstances, it is entirely realistic to expect that the number of visitors − most recently 20,440 − is going to be rising too.

The World Market at a glance: Exhibitors from a record breaking 46 countries

Now that 46 nations are participating, Interlift emphasizes that it is the most international platform of the elevator sector. It is also the only international elevator trade fair which grows from year to year. In 2017, it continues to offer the best survey of the offers available on the world market. Thus it is the most important trade fair of the year not only for the top decision mak-ers in companies everywhere but for all who work in the area of construct-ing elevators.

As in previous years, Italy leads the pack of non-German companies repre-sented at Interlift. With its 97 exhibitors, this great elevator nation is far ahead of China (65), Spain (42), and Turkey (38), which are followed in places 6 to 10 by France (16), the United Kingdom (15), Greece (13), the USA (10) and Sweden (8). In a comparison based on exhibition space, Ger-many and Italy are followed by Spain, which will be exhibiting on about twice as much space as China. Places 5 to 10 are held by Turkey, Greece, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Interlift as a significant gateway to the world market

In view of their continually difficult internal markets, significant manufactur-ing nations such as Italy and Spain have already been depending more and more on Interlift as their access to the world market for many years. This is especially evident in the extensive joint participation of ANICA, the Italian Association of Component Manufacturers. Interlift has become the indispensable platform of these small and medium sized companies for opening up international markets. The trade fair stands of a few Chinese companies will be much larger than before. After initial attempts with joint presentations, they will be presenting their innovations at large stands of their own (exhibitors’ directory: www.interlift.de/aussteller/ausstellersuche).

Innovations make trade fair visit mandatory

In 2017, a wealth of innovations in almost all areas of elevator construction will be waiting for visitors from this sector. There will be pioneering new versions of safety components, as well as of shaft and cabin doors. The vendors of control and frequency converters will be offering further devel-opments and improvements. The question of saving energy has not been settled. The topic of  design is as open as ever, as will be clear from the example of tableaux and cabins.

In addition to the core area, the general supplier industry of the elevator sector will be displaying novelties such as in fixation elements, cables in the shaft, cable pulleys, wiring, guide shoes, oilers and spare parts for elevator components that are prevalent on the market.

There will also be a broader offer of products for mobility and accessibility (home lifts, jack-up platforms, etc.). More and more companies are offering complete solutions with shaft housing, including statics. Remote emergency call is especially attractive for Germany because the Reliability Ordinance of 2015 provides that all existing installations have to be refitted by the end of 2020. Many suppliers from other countries have likewise been active in this area and will be bringing improved products with them to Interlift.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become a must for all software solutions for planning elevators, and IoT (Internet of Things) is likewise casting its shadows in advance. Quite a number of manufacturers of elec-tronic components are focussing on this topic and preparing their products for an interface in future.

Interlift 2017: Strong focus on First Class Service

Service for exhibitors and visitors is very important for AFAG, the organizer of Interlift. AFAG will run three shuttle bus lines of its own for visitors. As before, visitors who drive to Interlift by automobile can park in the WWK arena, from which a bus will bring them comfortably and free of charge to the entrance areas “Ost” and “Süd” in just a few minutes. The shuttle buses will also drive regularly to/from Munich airport and Augsburg central train station. The schedules are posted in www.interlift.de.

The entrance area (entrance “Ost”) that was constructed in 2015 between halls 1 and 7 has proved its worth. In connection with the second entrance (“Süd”) and the digital admission system, it ensures smooth access even in the morning hours of heavy visitor traffic.

WWK-Arena, Scene of the visitor evening  “A Night at the Arena”

Well over 500 guests were counted at Interlift’s exhibitor evening in 2015, and it certainly would have been more if there had been more room in the restaurant in Hall 6. Lack of space will not be a problem in future because, in view of the continually rising numbers of guests, AFAG, Interlift’s organizer, has moved the exhibitor evening to another location.

A suitable setting for this top-flight event has been found in the exclusive business area of the nearby WWK Arena. As many as 1,500 guests can be served here comfortably. Of course, the free bus shuttle will be available too.

Visit www.interlift.de for convenient trade fair preparation

Good preparation of your visit to Interlift begins on the home page of Interlift 2017 (www.interlift.de). Here, you will find all available information, including, for example, the exhibitors directory, trade fair novelties, tips for travel to Interlift and transportation schedules.

VFA-Forum: central  topic megacities

Of course, the topic of Industry 4.0, which is of great importance to the elevator sector, can also be found in this year’s VFA forum, under the heading “Smart Elevators”. After an introductory talk by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Vogel about the significance of Industry 4.0 for the elevator sector, eight further speakers will shed light on this topic from various points of view. Five of these talks offer exciting insights into the international elevator markets − including the especially captivating talks about this year’s central topic of  megacities. And, as always, there is a very interesting variety of ideas about innovative products and services, in addition to the important complex of standards and sets of rules. Once again, this exciting mix of talks will make this year’s forum an information hotspot of the trade fair for presenting and discussing central topics of the international elevator sector. For further information, please visit akademie@vfa-interlift.de.

interlift 2017 – Data + Facts

Dates:    Tuesday, 17 – Friday, 20 October 2017
Place:     Messe Augsburg, Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Cube, Pavilion
Area:    44,000 m²
Opening Hours:    9 – 18 hours
Official Opening:     17.10.2017, 10:00 hours in the Panoramasaal            
Price of admission:    EUR 28,- or reduced price for EUR 12
Catalog, Visitor’s Guide:    free of charge

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