17 - 20 October 2017 · Messe Augsburg · Germany


Information provided by the exhibitors of the interlift 2017

A compilation by Stephan Kretzschmar, 85652 Pliening-Landsham, based on input received from the exhibitors.

Complete lifts, lifting platforms, home lifts and kits

This year, ThyssenKrupp Access Ltd will be exhibiting at interlift to introduce two products from our new Global Home Lift range, which combines different lifting technologies with common design features, including a redesigned control panel which comes in a sleek design with subtle backlighting. The premium lift in the Global Home Lift range uses a gearless cogbelt technology for a smooth and almost silent operation. The lift has a fully enclosed cabin with folding or sliding doors and push-to-run operation. The lift is available with a patented metallic shaft that does not use rivets or silicone; alternatively, it can be installed in an existing shaft. With platform sizes starting from just 580 x 800 mm, this spindle lift is one of the smallest home lifts on the market. The lift uses ball and screw technology to offer an economic solution to accessibility needed in tight spaces in private houses or for public use. The Compact version has one full-height wall and the larger Mobility version has a full-height wall with ceiling, and both versions have hold-to-run controls. The lift is available with a lightweight shaft, fitted with solid or glass panels in a rivet-free design.

Advent Lifts Services Ltd uses the name of VERTIBUS Lifts and Escalators for its products and specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of Lifts and Escalators. The products on sale are home lifts, low traffic passenger lifts for domestic use, high traffic lifts for commercial use, goods lifts, car lifts, dumbwaiters, escalators and components. All of these systems are custom-made, thus giving the largest possible cabin and doors in the available space. All lifts are available in hydraulic and traction technologies including machineroomless, reduced pit and reduced headroom models. All lifts can be supplied in any shape, size and colour to best suit your needs. The three main pillars of VERTIBUS PRODUCTS are innovation, technology and quality. These demands enable Advent Lift Services to offer safe, stylish, reliable and custom-made products worldwide. Every lift or escalator is different and must be adapted to the scope of its use, type of building and requirements of its users. By means of the tailor-made production system, it is possible to harmoniously fit the largest possible lift in the available shaft and ensure smooth transportation for passengers and freight.

Alimak Hek – the leader in rack-and-pinion elevators is launching a new series of traction elevators for use in challenging industrial environments. The company now offers one of the world’s most comprehensive industrial elevator product portfolios with both traction and rack-and-pinion drive technology and a wide range of car sizes and capacities – for both non-hazardous and Ex environments. The new Alimak traction elevator series are designed and built to perform in the world’s harshest environments. The elevators will improve operational efficiency, give superior HSE performance and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial application. With surface treatment corrosion classification up to C5 and ingress protection rating up to IP65, the new elevators are made for the toughest environments on the planet.

C.M.A. S.r.l. Costruzioni Montacarichi Ascensori: CMAlifts are international leaders in the design, manufacturing and delivery of lifts and hoists for private and industrial use: hydraulic and electric lifts, normal or MRL (machine room-less), special plants and customized solutions, home-lift platforms, metal lift shaft structures, cabins and cabin frames, cabin and landing doors. Product range:
Metal lift shaft structures for interior and exterior, hydraulic lift plants EN 81.2 - EN 81.20/50, traditional electric plants (with machine-room) EN 81.1 – EN 81.20/50
MLR electric lifts EN 81.1 - EN 81.20/50 “Pegaso” (direct acting 1:1 –  indirect  acting 2:1) and “Pegaso Due” (indirect acting 2:1), EN 81.21 plants with reduced pit – reduced overhead, energy efficient plants, “Mercury” hydraulic home-lift and “Febo” electric home-lift - Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, kit refurbishments - Kit Simplex and light cabin “Cabina Piuma”, “Bridge-type” plants, narrow-DBG plants, EN 81.70 plants (structural barriers removal), lift platforms for food products (in AISI 316 steel), inclined lifts, panoramic lifts, high capacity lifts, upon request, all plants can be supplied according to EN 81.70 and 220 Volt single-phase power supply.

CMM Costruzioni Meccaniche Mezzago Srl: The CMM brand identifies a historic Italian specialist in the production of components and units both hydraulic and traction. The current production structure was established in 1987. The most modern technologies and high-precision machinery allow CMM to design and produce a full and competitive range of products that includes the availability of new and interesting models of automatic doors suitable for refurbishment of existing lifts, "LIFT ME" solutions for lifts with gearless motor and HOME LIFT PECK. CMM believes that the passion and commitment of our family in the management of the company are the best guarantee of continuity, improvement and growth. New Products: Automatic doors in line with EN 81.20/50 and lift components and units in line with EN 81.20/50.

DICTATOR Technik GmbH, shows up under the motto: “The DICTATOR home lift 2017 – better than ever!” Today’s system has in common with the original DHM 300 only the name “home lift. Now it is called DHM 500, because it is certified for a load capacity of up to 500 kg. Thanks to a revision of the Machinery Directive now also more comfort is possible. The main improvement is that now cabin doors are permitted which allow operating the lift by just shortly pressing a button.

E.P. Elevatori Premontati s.r.l.
presents: Home-Lift Elfo: Elfo is the hydraulic home lift leader in the Italian Market (2006/42/EC). It can be customized according to the needs of the final user. It requires a shallow pit thus avoiding expensive masonry works. Elfo can be supplied with a metal structure to be installed either inside or outside the building. The great flexibility and the care for aesthetical details make Elfo a truly interior design object, becoming an ideal solution for domestic installations, commercial activities and single units.
Platform-Lift Upper: Open cab vertical platform lift in compliance with 2006/42/EC Directive for the removal of architectural barriers. Upper Platform is ideal for public places such as halls and entries. It has a limited architectonic impact thanks to the absence of a cabin and to the possibility to install a gate door H 1300 on the top floor.
Stair lift Platform Stepper: Stepper is an inclined platform lift for the transport of persons with reduced mobility on a wheelchair. It is characterized by a particularly smooth and quiet operation. It runs at 230V and the 24V battery supply makes stepper the ideal solution for low energy consumption and the functioning of the platform is assured even in the event of power blackout. The movements of the platform, safety arms and ramps are fully automatic. The absence of rack operated system gives a better aesthetic result.

ENIER Elevadores are manufacturers of home-lift and cargo-lift as from 1969. Enier works exclusively according to the needs of their clients and offers a customized product for each project. Enier will take the opportunity of the new edition of interlift 2017 to present the new model of Home-lift EHS17 with improved performance and finishing options as well as the new ENI model up to a travel height of 3 meters for a better accessibility to people with disabilities.

Eninter Elevators presents ENI, the first elevator that understands the traveller’s voice. This elevator is the first step to a cognitive era in the elevator world. We apply AI (artificial intelligence) to recognize our travellers voice messages, interpret them and act in the programmed functions. ENI at this first stage can make a floor call, an emergency call, change ambient light colours, answer weather and forecast weather questions.

Etna France
keeps matters short: For less than 1 m2, your new home lift by EtnaLift

Ganser Liftsysteme announces:  Product innovation on the elevator market - GTL20V: With this new series of the platform lift for straight staircases, it is possible, to make an adjustment range of 0-50 degrees. It is also possible to convert a left system, to a right system. The first few projects have proven their reliability in the practical test and are on stock for all dealers from autumn 2017. As from this moment standard systems will be available on stock and are available within 2 weeks. This new system provides many advantages in flexibility of procurement. For distributors/ customers, this innovative system gives many interesting aspects. One can even take back an old project, and make it through simple modification to a new lift for a complete different situation.

GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG: GEDA industrial elevators guarantee the smooth, efficient and safe transportation of people and materials precisely and where they are required – even in the toughest of conditions in nearly every industrial branch. The versatile deployment sites of GEDA industrial elevators cover, thanks to the modular design, cement works, asphalt mixing plants, chemical plants through cooling towers and silos to offshore plants and explosion-protected areas. At interlift 2017, the German construction- and industrial hoist manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG presents an industrial elevator GEDA SH 1000 US. With its load capacity of 450 kg / 5 persons and a hoisting speed of 40 m/min the GEDA SH 1000 US guarantees huge time and cost savings due to efficient workflows in maintenance and service work.

HIDRAL S.A. PH 400 - The vertical Platform Lift PH-400 enables access to public, private and residential buildings. MRL solution with very small pit (80mm) for travels up to 4 m, according to EN 81-41. The solution requires a self-supporting enclosure. The lift shaft enclosure can be made with sheet metal, panoramic glazing or tinted glass.  Aesthetic appearance can be improved with Glazed doors are always supplied as standard. OPTIMIZATION OF THE SPACE: It does not require a Machine Room. Both the control panel and the hydraulic power station are housed within the self-supporting structure.

KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A.: New Atlas RPH: The new redesigned Atlas RPH is the ideal traction MRL solution for rated loads of 300-1000kg and particularly suitable for reduced pit and headroom. It is the perfect solution for the modernisation of older lifts or narrow shafts. Specifically designed to support the installation of up to three cabin doors, it features high technical specifications and is an excellent choice when a cantilevered car frame is required. Advantages: ATLAS RPH understands the optimum space and offers spatial efficiency for shafts with reduced pits and headroom     Designed for ease of installation and use reliability and spatial efficiency. Reduced cost and time in installation with the new scaffold less solution. The new Atlas RPH is the perfect solution for the modernization of older lifts and lifts with narrow shafts. The new cantilevered car frame design makes the new RPH to be the best option for panoramic lifts. Eco Friendly: Regeneration systems are available to provide exceptional ride quality whilst reducing energy by up to 60%. It requires less strength due to reduced loads transferred to the shaft’s walls. KLEEMANN SCAFFOLD less Installation Method: KLEEMANN presents the new solution for a quick, easy and flexible installation! Committed to progressive technical knowledge and innovative research schemes, the KLEEMANN R&D team, designed and developed a method that now makes the installation process both safer and faster. Using special tools to erect the elevator with the minimum assistance from the builder. Advantages: Ease and safe installation, cost saving installation, time saving

Lehner Lifttechnik GmbH: develops and markets a complete range of high quality accessibility products for the public and private sector. This year we present our newest developments in the product segments: chair stairlift, platform stairlift and vertical platform lifts. For the first time, we show our new platform stairlift type “Stratos”.

LiftEquip GmbH Elevator Components: Punctually for interlift LiftEquip has received the type test certificate for LEA® Comfort with Kollmorgen MPK411 control. In combination with the Kollmorgen MPK411 control, LiftEquip can now also provide clients with a type-tested complete system. LiftEquip will of course continue to offer the LEA® Comfort as a mechanical kit, like the rest of the LEA® family. This is the first system that LiftEquip is offering as an open system with a type test certificate. Together with the certified installation method a safe and economic installation of the elevator is possible. Further systems as a mechanical part without controller complete our product line.

NOVA S.r.l. is moving forward! Continuous improvement in components manufacturing has pushed up Nova to the design of a full range of Home Elevators. In our company Elevation means care for details and service: based on our expertise we manufacture bespoke solutions with top-quality every day. This year 2017, to celebrate Nova first 25 years in business, we decided to launch a cabin “Limited Edition” collection. A capsule-collection made of 4 cabins which, thanks to their sartorial elegance and contemporary design, will definitely conquer even the most demanding customers.

ORONA S. COOP.: A partner for complete lifts. New car designs that improve energy efficiency and eco-design rating. AAA-Class: maximum energy efficiency certificate for all usage categories. 1st Eco-design certified company in the sector worldwide- ISO 14006. Largest complete lift manufacturing capacity in Europe.

Pappas Elevators: The products are traction machineroomless gearless elevators, hydraulic elevators, traction elevators with machine room, home elevators with low pit and low overhead, panoramic elevators etc. European quality and almost 40 years of experience in the lift industry guarantee a high value for money. Also, customized solutions are applicable. PAPPAS elevators electrical packages are designed to make technicians’ life better by offering easy, fast, error free installation. The central innovative idea is that every single component is factory tested and fully preassembled (control panel, all the electrical accessories, prewiring with connectors, operation panels) before the dispatch so as to assure that everything will work on site. PAPPAS elevators personal approach with their customers and advanced customer care are definitely added values that make the difference.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC (PVE Home Lifts) is the designer and manufacturer of the vacuum elevator. PVE currently manufactures three versions of its air driven residential elevators, ranging from single to a three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible home elevator. All of PVE's vacuum home lift systems are capable of up to a 50 foot (15.00m) vertical rise over as many as five stops. The unique design of the vacuum residential elevator is a perfect choice for any retrofit or new construction project and will enhance the value of one's home without the consuming footprint of a traditional home elevator. The innovative home elevator does not require any pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room and can be installed in as little as two days.  PVE currently has over 250 distributors worldwide with over 10,000 units installed in 65+ countries.

Raloe Mediterraneo S.L.: BELTUS: New MRL Traction home lift of RALOE. “Innovation to meet customer´s needs and requirements over the whole world”.

RECO Lift Solutions: Based in Waddinxveen in the Netherlands, RECO Lift Solutions is Europe’s largest temporary passenger lift manufacturer and rental company. The starting point in this regard is that everyone - be they young, old, able-bodied or disabled - is to be given full, unimpeded access to a building. This must be done in a safe, reliable and comfortable manner, irrespective of the circumstances in-situ. Our many years of experience and our fleet of over 75 passenger lifts and more than 300 stairlifts ensure that we know exactly what lift will suit your situation.

Riedl Aufzugbau GmbH & Co. KG: Riedl Quantum - lift components for experts:
New elevator complete system from Riedl Quantum solves issues caused by lack of space inside and outside the cabin. Elevator projects often require intense coordination efforts by the elevator builder. A seamless interaction of all components is a prerequisite for shorter assembly times. The history of the company Riedl has been characterized by the intense pursuit of continuity and modern production technology since its foundation more than 80 years ago. Riedl Quantum, the Riedl-owned brand for elevator doors and components, is the first stop for lift builders who focus on precision, innovation and ease of assembly for their project. Riedl Quantum manufactures and supplies elevator components from a single source and from a single mould, thus ensuring a perfect connection of all parts. With the development of the slender and robust sliding door series LIZ 3.0, Riedl has expanded its position as an innovation driver already. With the newly developed elevator complex QUANT, Riedl goes one step further. The QUANT complete system increases the usable area in the cabin by up to 55% in relation to the shaft base area and moves the drive into a shaft pit with a depth of only 150 mm. Less space required with a simultaneous increase in the number of cabins: Visitors of interlift 2017 from October 17 to 20, 2017 in Augsburg will be able to see the advantages of the new QUANT system of Riedl Quantum.

Servicom Industrie: SERVICOM is an innovative Tunisian company specialized in elevators industry and services. SERVICOM is manufacturing several components (car, arcade, car frame, counterweight...) and assembles respectively services complete elevators solutions. SERVICOM elevators, produced in Tunisia, are CE certified and are already exporting to France and to other North African countries. At INTERLIFT 2017, SERVICOM presents a new innovative smart monitoring solution "EMOS by IoT (Elevator Monitoring System)". This solution increases elevators reliability & efficiency. The target is customer satisfaction and reducing breakdown situations through real-time web & mobile based diagnostic and systematic maintenance.

Simas S.R.L. is an Italian company with thirty years of experience in components manufacturing for HOME-ELEVATORS. Over the years SIMAS has specialized in designing new solutions to suit the detailed needs of customer requests. SIMAS have an established presence in the Italian and European market. The company and its products are certified according to the current ISO – EN norms. The Italian STYLE is backed by the high quality and performance of the SMILE-Elevator product line.

Terry Lifts have listened to the needs of their customers and based on that feedback, are launching the Vivendi Home Lift at Interlift. Designed for ease of use, practicality, space efficiency, safety and comfort, the Vivendi carries an impressive load capacity of 325kg, is compliant to BS 5900:2012 and the EU Machinery Directive. This ‘Through floor’ lift serves two floors and is competitively priced to provide attractive margins to potential distributors. There are three models to cater to the needs of every user, whether they travel standing, independently in a wheelchair, or in a wheelchair together with a person taking care.

Vestner Aufzüge GmbH is a concern-independent, middle-sized, internationally focused and family owned company with it’s headquarter in Munich city. Vestner develops and produces flexible, high-quality and innovative elevators and escalators since more than 85 years – worldwide for more than 10.000 satisfied customers. Topics of the future such as the Industry 4.0 nowadays get reality with the Vestner Smartbox. New developments as the Vestner hospital elevator made the company receive the German Price 2017 for middle sized companies as well as the TOP100 Innovator price. Additionally, the brand-new product developments Vestner Advance 5 and Vestner Privataufzug (Homelift) can be seen at our stand.

Vimec s.r.l.: Vimec presents it’s new made in Italy and tailor-made solutions for accessibility and mobility! Vertical: Vimec Home lift and S11 open platform lift.
Inclined: Dolce Vita stairlift with chair and V64 stairlift for wheelchair users.
Stairclimber: the brand new T09 Roby


Drives and Motors

FIA S.r.l (Fabbrica Internazionale Argani) praise of remarkable experience strengthened in more than 25 years in the elevator industry, with an emphasis on traction machines for lifts. A professional team of engineers and technicians are continuously working to ensure development, reliability and advanced designs. FIA products are entirely made in Italy, from the manufacturing phase to the processing of the materials, an additional characteristic of the company, distinctive of its brand.

LiftEquip GmbH Elevator Components: Expansion of the MO61 gearless MOD kit.  Rope departure distance (ASL) has been expanded in our successful MO61 MOD kit with the PMC145 gearless drive. In the MO61 E version (E for extended), an ASL size of 1206 mm can now be realised. As a result, you can deploy this economic and fast MOD solution in even more projects. The standard machines of our PMC gearless machines and the machine frame are on stock and available for a short time delivery.
Gearless PMC 125L The PMC 125L is completing our range for the PMC125S/M in the lower power segment. These machines with the high power density and the compact dimensions set new standards for MRL applications with smaller shaft dimensions. The 6 mm ropes in combination with a  240 mm traction sheave are in accordance with the requirements of D/d > 40 and achieve in combination with our hardened traction sheave a high lifetime of the ropes.

EMF Motor A.S. presents: SQML GEARLESS LIFT MOTOR – for home lift. Large frequency range due to high pole number, 66 poles offer 4.125 times higher frequency range comparing to 16 poles motor, high comfort, smooth and precise acceleration and deceleration, high controllability, small compact design for MRL applications, quiet operation, low energy cost, smooth operation, high comfort even at 1:1 suspension, 0.15 m/s, custom design for time belt, plastic coated rope application, Mayr Brake, 120 mm and 160 mm sheaves are available (up to 1000 kg load capacity for 120 mm sheave), 220 V option, the driver must be single phase

Alberto Sassi Espana S.L.: Alberto Sassi Spain introduces at Interlift 2017 the new S48, the evolution of the MF48 and the most modern Sassi holding gearbox. This upper range gearbox meets the annex to the A3 standards and offers an efficiency of over 90%. With up to 3400Kg static load, the S48 is equipped with constant heat dissipation electrical motor, is manufactured with the most advanced materials and the latest generation of brakes on the main shaft, being manufactured at Alberto Sassi S.p.a. With the new S48, Alberto Sassi Spain enlarges its product range and offers the top quality gearboxes to the most exigent market segments.

SICOR SpA as leader manufacturing company of lifting solutions, confirms its participation in INTERLIFT 2017 and is launching several new products:
Gearbox model SH190, the new machine focused in lift capacity applications up to 1600kg in 1:1
Gearless series SW-SWS up to 1050kg in 2:1 up to 1.75m/s in 205mm width
Gearless range SG- SGS with EN81-20&50 brakes
Gearless range SZ for machine room application both for single and double wrap up to 4000kg in 2:1 and up to 4m/s

Ascensores Tresa S.A.: New products: gearless 630Kg single-phase. We have applied the technology already widely used for our products with loads up to 450Kg to a larger one, maintaining the same conditions of ease of installation and high performance, thinking fundamentally in two market segments, the rehabilitation of existing buildings that have single-phase supply where the three-phase has technical and / or economic problems for its implementation, respectively the installation in geographical areas where it is not possible to obtain three-phase supply due to local conditions.

Veldo Iklimlendirme Otomotiv Mak. Müh. San. Tic. AS Veldo Company is a Turkish producer of brushless (without gear) motor for elevator and lifting systems, as well sliding door motors, hand sensors, radar and many kind of accessories.

Ziehl-Abegg SE: ZAtop SM180 - The new ZAtop SM180 elevator machine completes the version without cast metal housing of the type series ZAtop at ZIEHL-ABEGG. By the use of small traction sheaves, the possibilities of ropes with small diameters can be fully utilised. Traction sheaves from 200 to 240 mm, payload up to 1050 kg, speed up to 1,6 m/s

Electronics, Displays, COPs and LOPs

ADEL System Srl: New Products: D-FLEXRange of power supplies for industrial and domestic applications. Input Voltage: 115, 230, 277 Vac Power: 15, 45, 60W; DC-UPS: All in One products for power continuity. With these devices power supply, battery charger and back up module is integrated in just one product. Available 12, 24, 48Vdc; BATTERY BANK: Generation of ultra-compact Battery Holders, for VRLA and LI-Ion Batteries, unique product for mounting DIN Rail and Wall mount for all models; POWER VIEW GRAPHIC: Multifunction Graphic Display. It allows to display all parameters of the DC-UPS that can be accessed by moving through the various screens with a push button user’s interface.

ELFIN GmbH For the first time, ELFIN will have its own booth at the interlift this year, presenting many new products developments. ELFIN GmbH offers development services in the area of networking electronic components. For two years now ELFIN offers “flexyPage” a system of networking multimedia displays for elevators. In addition to various new flexyPage touch displays, ELFIN will also be presenting the newly-developed 'flexyPage Campaign', a web application for the central creation and distribution of information and advertising in elevators. ELFIN also offers new display models in stretched format, currently available in sizes up to 37" (94 cm), which are ideal for use in lifts due to their very narrow housing. Furthermore, at the booth, ELFIN will present many new functions of the flexyPage software, including the destination call input function, video streaming of cameras and TV channels from the Internet, a chat function and games for entertainment. Visit the live demonstration to experience how easy and flexible the customized screen designs are to create online and in real time!

SERNTA Elevator Enterprise Co., Ltd.: SERNTA was established in 1984 in Taiwan. For over 33 years, the company is dedicated to the lift industry for the complete lift installation. SERNTA is also professional on the electrical product development, especial for LCD display for lift indicators. The full customization design is our advantage. Our products are running in many countries, from Europe, Asia, America, and others.

Safety gears, overspeed govenors and buffers

Aksoz Mak San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Specialises in the production of the following components: cast iron and plastic sheaves, overspeed governors and tensioning pulleys hydraulic buffers, polyurethane buffers, steel sheet and cast guide shoes, rope attachments, safety gears, limit switches, lubricators, flexible flat cables, steel sheet iron rail clips and retiring cams.

COBIANCHI LIFTTEILE AG will present three new product lines on interlift 2017:
The hydro-mechanical safety system, which was already shown as study for a project, we start 2017 our new product line hydro-mechanical safety system. This system consists of a safety gear, a micro-hydraulic unit and an interface for most easy connection to the different controllers. Together with LIMAX from ELGO result a unique, monitored system of safety in the shaft. This system does not need any speed governor and bring safety gear in case of emergency with a defined engage force safe in brake position.
Conversion kit PC30DA = > PC13GA, EN 81-1/-2 => EN 81-20/-50:
For easy change of standard material in existing car frames, we developed a modernization kit. With this kit one can replace an existing safety gear PC30DA with a new PC13GA up to 2600 kg of duty load without big modifications on site.
Safety gear for counterweights up to 5300 kg: Space problems with reduced pit, underneath counterweight or in super narrow shaft motivated us to produce safety gears with special release mechanism. Rope wedges collision with tension pulleys or levers scratching alongside shaft walls are with this new mechanism a matter of the past.

ETN Elastomer-Technik Nürnberg GmbH shows: Spring loaded tandem roller guides TRF. To deal with the challenges of higher speeds, paired with highest comfort, the engineers of ETN developed the weight optimized, spring loaded Tandem-Roller-Guide series TRF. The peculiarity is the rollers with separate suspension. So, speeds of 7m/s are no problem anymore. It is undoubtedly a high-end-product in this sector. All sides damped sliding guides PECU / PEPU
2 years ago we presented the Inserts PECU, which started very successful in the market. For special needs, we developed a new material mix in connection with a homogeny PU, which makes this insert high noise absorbing. So, you get excellent results which were unknown for inserts yet
New generation lift buffers according EN 81 – 20/50:  Of course the engineers of ETN, in cooperation with the specialist in material research, developed with buffers of series EN and A being a solution for the complex requirements of new EN 81 – 20/50. Please let us inform and advise you by visiting our booth!

P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG:  ELASTOMERS for more Life Quality!!! Acoustic insulation and vibration decoupling.
DIEPOLAST® SD and dyn: The striking property of Diepolast is its small-cell elastomer structure. Thanks to the enclosed volume of gas, the material shows excellent volume compressibility as well as high imperviousness to short-term static or dynamic stress. Given its beneficial profile of properties, Diepolast can be used for vibration insulation in almost every application as well as for acoustic decoupling. Moreover, it has successfully been used as compression and tension-loaded cushioning. Cushioning properties up to 30 t/m2 can be reached. It has an impressive active and passive insulation effect. Additional to that, it is resistant to hydrolysis. Diepolast dyn properties complements the exceptional characteristics of Diepolast SD. Installations even IN water are possible, and it can be used as heavy load bearer. Dynamic loads up to 9N/mm2 can be reached, load peaks up to 18N/mm2 are possible. Application: Machine frame bearing, machine- and motor bearing, cabin decoupling, different decoupling applications in general construction business, prefab houses, staircase decoupling, floor insulation, shaft decoupling and a lot more…

Frequency inverters and ancillary

Elektres Elektrik Elektroteknik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. is an enterprise founded 2009 in Turkey producing Industrial Power Resistors. Elektres possesses a test labour for testing all its resistors and has been awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001 Quality Management Certificates. Products: Dynamic Braking Resistors, Neutral Grounding Resistors, Load Bank and Test Resistors, Motor Starter Resistors and Harmonic Filter Resistors.
Fuji Electric Europe GmbH
invites to join their stand where all is in the name of energy saving and be showcasing the specialized lift products of the FRENIC series line (2.2 & 4.0kW in 230 V and 2.2 to 45 kW in 400 V). FRENIC-Lift is a flexible, communicative and easy-to-use drive with just the right features to increase energy efficiency. The contactorless Functional Safety Function makes any motor contactors between inverter and motor needless. Pollution Degree 3 is given. With its stronger coating, PCB is highly resistant against humidity and dust, and guarantees high robustness for lift shaft environments. Now with CANopen 402 and 417, as well as DCP 3 and 4, FRENIC-Lift enables a global connectivity to the world. Talking about an optimization of energy saving, Fuji will be demonstrating regenerative units: FRENIC-eRHR, which is a power regenerative converter that returns energy significantly to the power supply. This concept shall be shown in a surprising mini demo. Last but not least, Fuji will be highlighting their remote maintenance system as well, offering an ideal connectivity.

Kübler Group Fritz Kübler GmbH: Sendix 5873 Motor-Line encoders: The Sendix 5873 singleturn encoders with SSI or BiSS interface and optional 2048 ppr SinCos signals are predestined for the elevator technology. Furthermore, the Sendix 5873 in Motor-Line version convince with their plug-and-play commissioning including an electronic data sheet and the possibility of setting the absolute measuring system to a predefined position (electronic zeroing). Bearingless encoders for direct drives, RLI product family: The bearingless encoders are made of a magnetic ring and a sensor head. They are ideal for compact and flat external rotor motors. The non-contact measuring principle, with its reduced mounting depth and various magnetic ring diameters, is perfectly suited for tight installation possibilities. Individual adaptation of the measuring system to the dimensions of the drive are here one of the most important prerequisites.
Limes Elevator: Absolute position measurement. Limes LEB is an extremely robust, compact and non-contact linear measuring system for shaft copying. It measures absolute elevator car positions up to a height of 392 m with a resolution of 1 mm and a traverse speed of 5 m/s. The easy mounting especially reduces installation time, thus contributing to overall costs reduction.

LIKA Electronic s.r.l.: Encoders for the elevator industry
Lika Electronic has 35 years of extensive experience worldwide in the elevator industry and provides a full line-up of standard and custom encoders covering the wide range of applications in lifts, escalators and moving walks. They include incremental and absolute rotary encoders, bearingless and linear encoders, redundant and ATEX encoders for installation on geared and gearless motors, shaft copy systems and overspeed governors, cabins and car doors. interlift 2017 is the right place to show the latest innovations .
CB62 is the rotary encoder designed for accurate and reliable position and speed feedback on modern gearless traction motors. It has a space-saving low-profile enclosure and is equipped with a 10-mm diameter 1:10 tapered solid shaft and expansion flange for easy plug & play installation. It is ideal for high-precision direct coupling and guarantees an absolutely backlash-free and torsionally rigid mating for increased mechanical and electrical performances. CB62 is available in both incremental and absolute versions. Incremental version supplies Sine-Cosine signals 2,048 periods per turn with inverted signals and Index signal once per revolution (AB0, /AB0) for speed feedback. It further provides the absolute position information (CD signals) to control the rotor. The absolute encoder features a single turn resolution of 21 bits and the fully digital BISS C-mode interface + 1Vpp incremental track for rotor absolute position and speed feedback. Motor feedback encoders of CB series are also offered with 12.7-mm (1/2”) and 15-mm (0.59”) blind hollow shaft and a variety of mounting possibilities.
For reliable 24-hour operation in gear traction motors and car doors C50 incremental encoder is among the best-selling encoders in the range of Lika Electronic, at cost-effective price. C50 has a slim and compact design (50 mm / 1.97” diameter housing and 30 mm / 1.18” mounting depth), so it is ideally suited for installation where tight space is a primary concern and especially for motor feedback operations. Despite its small size, it is tough and durable. The standard operating temperature is extended to –40°C +100°C (-40°F +212°F), the protection rate is IP65. It is available in both through hollow shaft version (from 6 mm / 0.236” to 10 mm / 0.394” bore diameter) and 10 mm / 0.394” diameter 1:10 tapered solid shaft version. C50 provides up to 8192 pulses per revolution and AB0 plus inverted square wave signals through Universal (HTL + TTL) 5-30Vdc, Push-Pull (HTL) 10-30Vdc and Line Driver (TTL) 5Vdc output circuits. Furthermore C50 is an in-stock product available for immediate delivery in several configurations (see the product datasheet for preferential models).

Magnetek: innovative elevator products, including the HPV® 900 Axial Flux drive, Quattro® Cube drive, Uninterruptable Power Supply, and our RegenAC™ Regenerative Braking Product.  Magnetek’s newest drive, the HPV1000, will debut at the show. Magnetek’s new Customer Information Portal includes Magnetek´s Elevator Energy Savings Calculator, which will evaluate the elevator system's energy consumption and costs — and show the energy savings that can be achieved by modernizing your existing elevator systems.

NDC Elevator Drives: NDC Ltd is the first organization in the field of repair and supply of refurbished drives, to have been awarded with the esteemed Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade. NDC Elevator Drives specialises in the repair, refurbishment and service exchange of all elevator drive systems, providing solutions in over 20 countries across 4 continents. With custom built drive test rigs, and state of the art repair facilities in two locations, our specialist staff can inspect, test, identify and repair faults in inverter drives from all major manufacturers, ensuring reliability and safety. Whatever the industry, the dynamic testing ensures performance is never compromised, and has given clients worldwide the ability to provide a safe and reliable service at all times. NDC´s innovative approach to the repair of drive and motor products has given NDC a reputation for excellence and an unrivalled position throughout the industry. This is due in no small part to the large investment that NDC dedicates to the pursuit of ever higher standards in order to maintain our position as market leader. NDC´s international distributor network now allows to offer services to a truly global customer base who can take advantage of our range of refurbished drives.

Yaskawa Europe GmbH: YASKAWA at interlift: Best in Class Products and Solutions" for the Lift Industry.  Solution provider, YASKAWA, will be showcasing its portfolio at "interlift" under the slogan "Best in Class Products and Solutions for the Lift Industry. „Yaskawa supplies inverter drives and motors for new lift systems and escalators, as well as ffor conversions and modernizations. It also delivers Motoman robots for the manufacture of elevator components: Coordinated full service drive packages for optimum driving comfort, “CANopen Lift" communication field bus and DCP4 protocol for simple wiring, L1000 inverter drives for elevators, Gearless PM synchronous motors for MRL applications in a set together with L1000A lift inverters, new function for more efficient installation and start-up, teleservice from VIPA Controls for remote maintenance, accessories including EMC filters, AC reactors, braking resistors.
Robot solutions for production and handling in the lift industry: MH225 Motoman generalist industrial robots for general applications, MA2010 Motoman specialist robots for inert gas welding.
Energy-saving drive solutions: Space-saving, regenerative U1000 matrix converter without DC bus, D1000 regenerative converter unit for improved grid compatibility, R1000 regenerative unit offers an economic alternative to braking resistor units.

Ziehl-Abegg SE: ZAdynproNew elevator concepts mean that there is less and less space in the elevator shaft. Components are relocated to the control cabinet. The smart new ZAdynpro from ZIEHL-ABEGG is the compact solution, delivering maximum functionality in a small space. The frequency inverters for operating your elevator drive without motor contactors. Commence operation quickly and easily with the software developed especially for elevator technology. Nominal current of 11 A – 74 A, Nominal output of 4.6 kW – 37 kW, STO (Safe Torque Off) function according to IEC 61800-5-2 (SIL 3) or EN ISO 13849 Category 3, performance level e, integrated line filter, programmable inputs and outputs / DCP / CANopen LIFT.
Ziehl-Abegg SE: ZAsbc4 - The electronic brake control ZAsbc4 is a further component for ensuring a quiet and comfortable elevator system. The available versions enable installation on the frequency inverter ZAdyn4C in the shaft or in the control cabinet of the elevator controller. Power supply motor brake [U~]: 230 V 50/60 Hz, output voltage motor brake [U=]: 0,45 x U~ or 0,9 x U~, output current: 2,2 A, output power: 456 W, input voltage safety chain: 110 V 50/60 Hz or 230 V 50/60 Hz, relay for evaluating the safety circuit and enabling contactor-less operation of the ZAdyn, interfaces for brake test and emergency mode.


BIOFIALS.A. The company BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS constitutes a well-organized, medium-sized hydraulic lift system Industry. It is the first and only company in the field of hydraulic cylinders & hydraulic systems production in Greece. BIOFIAL was founded in Thessaloniki in 1973 and began with the production of hydraulic cylinders, mostly for agricultural applications, however as the time was going by, it was extended into the production of cylinders and hydraulic systems for several industrial lifting applications. Today it's a 44 years old company, which has the ability to produce any kind of hydraulic systems for every possible lifting application. BIOFIAL acquires the largest share of the Greek hydraulic market and more than 80% of the total production is exported abroad in more than 50 countries such as USA, India, Peru, Italy, Spain, China, Albania, U.K., Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus, F.Y.R.O.M., Israel, Sweden, New Zealand, Ukraine, Lebanon, Belgium, Argentina, Poland, Oman, etc. We are certified with the quality system ISO 9001:2008 from 1998. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is awarded with the bronze award as an Industrial Company in the Greek Export Awards of 2015 year. In particular, the last 44 years BIOFIAL produces specialized hydraulic cylinders for various applications, such as: Hydraulic systems (pistons, power units, car slings) for passenger elevators, hydraulic systems (pistons, power units, car slings) for goods/cargo elevators, disable applications, car parking, etc., Complete hydraulic lifting platforms for vehicles, complete hydraulic lifting platforms for cargo, complete hydraulic scissor platforms for vehicles, completed hydraulic scissor platforms for cargo, various hydraulics for lifting / industrial / transporting applications and brand new: Traction elevators!

Bucher Hydraulics AG states: “Energy efficiency – good, or just well intentioned?” The complete replacement of a hydraulic elevator by a rope elevator from the perspective of the operation phase on its own is well intentioned, but from the environmental viewpoint cannot in any way be justified: The manufacture of an elevator system has a significantly greater impact on its environmental footprint than the total operating time and due to the high material intensity and high consumption of grey energy, a complete renewal is significantly less sustainable than a modernization.

Hydroware AB states: Our focus will be on IoT, Internet of Things. With our platform, you will be able to see the current status of the lift, historical performance and usage. The possibility to see error codes, door status and information about the trips will make planning and maintenance much easier.

Moris Italia SRL, ISO 9001 certified, is a leading manufacturer of oleo dynamic components for hydraulic installations. MORIS supplies also lifting platforms, low pit and headroom elevators, mechanical kits with hosting systems for traction and hydraulic elevators. MORIS developed Energy Saving components for elevators (MED VVVF inverter, electronic power unit) and for battery lifting platforms (Home Lift Eco Kit). In this edition of interlift MORIS will present the new watertight cabinet compliant with UNI EN81-20: 2014.

Morispain S.A.: presents the new hydraulic equipment in cabinet for home lift which is equipped with the new distributor MORIS HL 2 Speeds for equipment at 0.15m / s, with frequency inverter for equipment up to 0.3m / s, with distributor MORIS 2 Speeds for equipment up to 0.3m / s. Morispain shows the SVK elevator for people with reduced mobility with speed control by inverter at 0.15m / s. In addition the present hydraulic power plants according to the 81.20 standard with electronic control can be seen as well as the GE-DRUM solution for home lift equipment without counterweight.

LED lighting

Hansen GmbH Frameless Luminous Panels – made to fit
Available on the market just for a couple of months, the new hansen Frameless Luminous Panel has already become a very popular product in various areas of application. What makes it stand out is its homogeneous illumination over the entire surface plus its glare-free light, which creates a pleasant ambience. The flat luminaire is the ideal solution for individual wall elements, entire illuminated walls or niche lighting purposes. Possible applications range from ceiling lights in lifts, integrated flush-mount luminaires and the backlighting of advertising spaces or information boards to lighting elements in escalators and moving walkways. The Frameless Luminous Panel is tailor-made to customer specification offering many design possibilities for creative designers. With a fixed depth of only 22 mm, the Frameless Luminous Panel is produced in custom sizes. It is entirely designed and produced in our main plant in Haselund ensuring a high standard of quality made in Germany.
Further highlights of the Frameless Luminous Panel: Colour temperatures available from 2,700 K (warm white) to 6,500 K (cool white), colour changes are possible with coloured or RGB LEDs, controllable with innovative radio remote controls, energy-efficient LED technology: 1 m² has a power rating of 25 watt, maximum size is 1,000 x 2,000 mm, minimum size is 150 x 150 mm. Within these dimensions, any size can be produced with millimetre precision. Another fact that makes the hansen Frameless Luminous Panel special is that it is tailor-made to customer specification with no minimum order quantity.

NAULED SRL: shows 3 new products:
1) TLEDAL8 -ES ceiling light with emergency and presence sensor integrated: Battery duration: 3 hours @4W. The integrated sensor switch on the lamp to 100% when the elevator is running and detects the presence of people, while when it is stationary and doesn't detects any presence for 3 minute, automatically the light drops to 10%.The lamp measures 300 mm in diameter with a thickness of only 48 mm. The opaline guarantees uniform light on the entire visible surface, making the product aesthetically very elegant.
2) Emergency LED light kit EL61: Emergency kit for LED sources to be combined with spotlights or LED lamps with backup battery 1h or 3h. Simple and easy to install allows you to use the cabin lights as emergency light.
3) Threshold illuminator®: The threshold illuminator is the new LED device for elevators designed to illuminate the area between the threshold of the cabin and the floor. The fixed green or blue light or flashing alert the people about the presence of the space between the cabin threshold and the floor with probability of falling objects in vain such as keys, credit cards, badges, etc. or highlight the presence of a possible step. It is suitable for all models of lift offering passengers a light signal whenever the cabin doors open to the floor.

Intelco Electronics E. Pelekis & Co.: The LED light spot product is specially designed for elevator's car with low power consumption and high intensity 150 Lumen/Watt. The wide angle 120 degrees meet the new EN81-20 regulation. In conjunction with the emergency LED light controller Intelco can provide a fully LED light emergency backup for the elevator's car in case of power failure, with up to 2 hours autonomy.

Emergency call solutions

AMPHITECH presents innovations in voice and data communication for lifts:
IP-TAU: VoiP lift alarm system
GSM 2G and 3 G: Plug and Play GSM gateway for secure DTMF code  transmission in accordance with EN 81-28
PTU 80V5 STS: IoT- solution for remote monitoring of the elevator (complete lifecycle management - downtime, maintenance visits and travel data) as well as the supervision of emergency calls.

ANEP SAS states: connected and accessible elevators. Communication on IP, Internet of Things, Connected screens and much more! Come to discover our technological innovations at the interlift fair in Augsburg.

DIGICOM S.P.A presents:
1. A new generation of 2G/3G Gateways with management of: Voice (SOS call and 72h call) and Data, remote Camera, water, smoke, temperature and humidity sensors.
2. A range of Lift Dialers with integrated GSM:     EN 81-28, EN 81-70 compliant, connection with 2 wires only, quick and easy configuration via APP, ideal for modernization
3. 4G Lift Router: Designed for the lift of the future in the Smart Cities: voice (SOS call and 72h call), telemetry of the frame controller (LAN or serial port), camera and wireless sensors management, predictive maintenance

Esse-Ti SRL presents new products:
4G Evox: The first full-digital gateway specifically designed for lift applications. Developed in co-operation with prominent mobile operators, 4G.evox delivers crystal-clear voice over LTE and ensures high-speed data transmission thanks to the COMNET cloud platform. Configurable I/O, RS-232/485/CAN-BUS ports and built-in WI-FI deliver full connectivity and utmost flexibility.
Helpy VoIP: The full VoIP technology-based lift autodialler bringing you all the broadband connection benefits. Designed for lifts, ensures utmost reliability thanks to the built-in power-supply backup and a redundant GSM line under network failure. High-speed transmission for real time data can now be managed via e-mail, both for device configuration/alerts and for events log/reports.
Helpy Controller: The built-in GSM dialler that fits perfectly to your controller board, delivering 100% safe communication and crystal-clear speech quality form the elevator, proprietary communication between controller and dialler, enhancement of your controller functionalities by saving on extra equipment, data transmission of alerts and notifications from and to your controller, using the same SIM card for voice emergency-calls.

Fält Communications AB: Fältcom Flex Liftphone. A compact and user-friendly elevator emergency system for new elevators or when modernizing existing elevators. It complies with all European standards. The lift phone has an integrated speaker, microphone and LED indicator lights and it can be connected towards a wide variety of accessories, such as an intercom, loop amplifier, emergency power, etc. Programming is easily done via smartphone app or directly during installation. If one is looking for a high-quality lift phone that is easy to use and easy to install, this is the perfect choice!
Fältcom GSM Gateway. The GSM Gateway is used to create wireless communication via GSM from fixed installations. With Fältcom’s GSM Gateway, one can reduce the cost of operating your alarm solution or get a high-quality communications solution in places where fixed line is not yet installed. It also works well with existing elevators to upgrade a fixed lift phone to wireless communication. The device is easy to install; no programming is required during installation – the only thing needed to get started is a SIM card. The easy installation and high quality makes it suitable for both temporary and permanent installations.
Fältcom Alarm Receiver. Fältcom Alarm Receiver Generation 4 (FAR G4) is a Windows based software that manages alarm calls from lifts in accordance with EN 81:28. It can handle emergency speech alarms, test alarms and technical alarms, such as battery alarms, from lift phones that use the CPC or P100 protocol.

Lift-Complex DS, JSC is pleased to present the 7th release of the Lift Monitoring and Diagnostics System which is the new step in monitoring the performance of equipment. It also provides digital voice communication in compliance with the standards EN81-28 and EN81-70. The system supports well-known and widely used lift controller types exchanging data via Serial Bus. The software used supports all mobile devices on Windows, iOS and Android platforms and designed to use Cloud Computing.

Intelco Electronics E. Pelekis & Co.: In Interlift 2017, Intelco Electronics will present two NEW products: The GSM Gateway is an electronic device for elevators that provides a fully functional communication gateway between the trapped passenger in the cabin and the rescue service using the mobile GSM band. It is used in conjunction with the INTELPHONE Emergency phone. Having a built-in rechargeable battery ensures a reliable communication even if a power failure occurs. Each function of the device can be fully programmed via SMS messages. Up to 5 hours autonomy during power failure. Dialing the International Emergency Number (112) without SIM. Up to 35secs recorded voice messages for both trapped passenger and rescue service. SMS notification to any number in case of battery malfunction.
The INTELPHONE Emergency phone, is an electronic device which can call up to 4(four) stored telephone numbers in case of emergency in elevators. The device is placed inside the elevator car and can achieve 2-way communication between the trapped passenger and the rescue service. Furthermore, using our extra support devices located at the top and the bottom of the car, can achieve a 3-way communication between the service personnel and a rescue service emergency call number. It does not require other power source than a telephone line, in order to operate. The device is designed to meet the requirements of the European Directive EN81-20 & EN 81-28 for safety in lifts. If a wired telephone line is not available, INTELPHONE can cooperate with our GSM Gateway to establish a reliable telephone communication.

Shaft metal structures

Ferrari e Associati srl states:  The lift compartment "Project Extra Slim" is a pre-painted steel structure with a high degree of modularity that allows installation in extremely small spaces and it consists of frames and linear profile shapes with special section and glazed or blind panelling. The structure integrates all the arrangements for setting up elevators installations of the electric or hydraulic type and is fitted with adjustable components in the installation phase to allow possible adjustments in the set up. The total absence of exposed bolting gives the structure a very sleek and smooth appearance. The closing panels installed flush with the external surfaces facilitate the flow of rainwater ensuring greater durability and cleaner machine. The painting treatments for indoor or outdoor made with industrial procedures ensure extreme durability and high aesthetic.

Grupo TTV is the result of several companies with vast experience in the elevation sector coming together. Market needs and its ongoing evolution towards the total elimination of architectural barriers, has led to our specialization in the development and implementation of structural solutions aimed at the elevation sector and reformation of buildings. Our structural solutions bear the CE Marking pursuant to the guidelines set out by Regulation (EU) Nº 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9th March 2011; and the Harmonized European Standard EN 1090-1 of compulsory compliance as of 1st July 2014.

Software for lift application

A.P. System S.R.L. presents: AZIWINELEVA ERP and its Apps
AziWin Eleva is the ERP system exclusively designed and developed for companies specialized in installation and maintenance of lifts, goods lifts, escalators and elevator systems in general. It allows better to manage the automation of all business processes and to solve specific problems like orders, calls, visits, billing cycles and management of maintenance crew. AziWin Eleva is always updated and supports the continue and constant technological evolution offered on the IT market. This let our customers benefit from the remarkable technical and commercial advantages, which are the result of this system. It is high efficient, parameterizable and modular. It allows to suit the specific company needs and size and there is the possibility to extend the mobile usage thanks to specific Apps:
ElevaMobile: The mobile extension for AziWin Eleva, designed and developed for all mobile devices, which allows to exchange information between technicians and company, to reduce radically the timeframe of all back office manual phases, to supervise the activities of technicians and to automatically gather the processing times. ElevaMobile dialogues directly and in real time with the AziWin Eleva information system of the company without any need of data transfer from and towards handheld devices. The main advantages of ElevaMobile are low hardware investment cost, reduced time and costs for every notification between the company and the technicians, immediacy of the available information, optimization of decision-making processes, back office timeframe and costs reduction, automatic updates, intuitive and user-friendly interface, utmost confidentiality and safety of data, full integration with the company call center or the external one.

ElevApp: ElevApp represents the ideal support for commercial activities and credit recovery.   ElevApp is the mobile application of AP System, developed for mobile elevator operators, which allows to display all AziWin Eleva ERP data and have always the possibility to query in real time its archives related to directors, customers, systems, PDF invoices, quotations, jobs history, payment deadlines and account statements. It allows the use of all accounting and management data directly on smartphone or tablet, thanks to an easy and intuitive user interface and an immediate and updated overview of all data.
ElevaWeb: It is the portal which allows the elevator companies to make available in real time to the residential complex directors, their customers and every tenant the updated situation of their systems (contracts, interventions, invoices) managed by AziWin Eleva ERP. Thanks to ElevaWeb you can easy and intuitively consult, via Web, the status of the intervention orders, the results of the inspection visits, the sequence of maintenance visits as well as the contractual and accounting situation and the present quotations.
basic-erp: The new process control allows you to start and realize individual and complex work steps by one mouse click. Especially in the elevator industry, you have some abstract requirements that you must include within your company processes. With Paternoster, you can perfectly realize the needs of your customers.
Paternoster is a complete ERP solution with the following master data areas: Customer, elevator, human resource, contract, supplier, article and warehouse management with merchandise management. (All master data can easily be imported into Paternoster). In the service area Paternoster can be used to seamlessly map the following tasks with time and material acquisition: Elevator malfunction and commissioning, maintenance, ZÜS (TÜV, Dekra, etc.), emergency calls, repairs and modification.
With the following applications, one is be able to track all tasks and keep full control
in the company: offer requests, create offers, purchase and task assignment, task processing with time management, accounting entry and automatized invoicing with reminder.

DigiPara AG Elevators: BIM. Automation. Being experts for BIM in the elevator industry, DigiPara affirms the motto of faithfully and continuously developing our DigiPara® software, with the focus on the automation of elevator and escalator models. The long experience helps their customers to succeed – these become faster and more efficient. In addition to traditional 2D drawings, the intelligent BIM model supports the entire planning process. Users of other CAD programs – such as SolidWorks®, PTC Creo® and Autodesk Inventor® – can use their own CAD models in our software. Having the entire workflow automated means that they save time and money. Planners and architects rely on DigiPara´s automation solutions to create their elevator models.

Liwetec GmbH: The Elevator Portal is the first globally available online portal for the elevator industry. The online portal is a database-driven system which is available to architects, planning engineers, elevator constructors and Notified Bodies anytime and anywhere, being permanently updated by our experts. The Elevator -Portal supports in the planning, configuration and calculation of an entire elevator system or its major components by e.g. using its product and system configurators or allowing for technical calculations. Through automatic plausibility checks and interpretation of standards, the user-friendly online portal ensures the accuracy of the data entered. The individual modules can be chosen freely according to the clients’ necessity, additionally calculation sheets can be printed. With the 8 different modules a complete elevator or an elevator system can be configured, calculated and managed from the ground up:
Module CompuLift: Online calculation tool (e.g. Ropes, Guide Rails, Drive Pulleys, UCM (stopping distance)) with many different calculation variants and help-tools (Profile -, Center of Gravity of Car -, Wrap-around Angle -, Shaft -, Screw - Calculation etc.)
Module DescLift: Program for elevator description or checklists for final inspection (e.g. according to ÖNORM). Data can be transferred from previous saved calculations
Module VerifyLift: Allows creation and processing of order checks (online transfer tool)
Module DataLift: Online management tool for managing online product data and for managing and viewing review certifications of safety components
Module SaveLift: Tool for calculation of energy efficiency and consumption
Module CompoLift: Configuration tool of main components (technical and commercial) such as doors, drives, cabins etc.
Module SysLift: Configuration tool of an elevator system (technical and commercial)
Module eInspection: Tool for managing facilities including online testing books
All benefits at a glance: Selectable modules depending on your necessities, security through annual validation by German TÜV, automatic plausibility checks of the selection after changes, saves time in the planning process through immediate validation and traceability, direct paperless transfer to Notified Bodies, complete implementation of the standards EN 81-20, EN 81-50, EN 81-1, EN 81-2 and EN 81-77, personal on-site trainings with an expert, temporary nonbinding test subscription for free

MERak Telsis SL: Merak Telsis is happy to present two new products at interlift 2017 exhibition: MEP2L, the brand-new generation of fixed line emergency phone and the MMK-737 (redesigned MMK-736 format) GSM gateway. They all meet the regulations required for elevators. The MEP2L device is designed to work with any public fixed telephone line in the world. It integrates a keyboard in its upper part to facilitate the programming and an integrated battery to maintain the phone active in case of power outage. The entirely digital integrated system improves audio, reliability and speech synthesis quality. The MEP2L device works under 10 to 30V DC voltage and maintains the mechanical format of MMK-656, its predecessor. The MMK-737 GSM gateway and its different versions will also be presented this year. This gateway substitutes MMK-736N and is re-designed in order to offer an entirely digital internal system and a 12 or 24 VDC power output. The MMk-736F version offers RS232, 485 and CANBUS data connectivity. Moreover, it is developed to work with Merak’s CANBUS audio digital intercom system. This device disposes of two inputs allowing to monitor events and two outputs, including one indicating the lack of coverage. MMK-737 can be produced for 2G, 3G and 4G GSM networks and is compatible with the Merak LiftMonitor Cloud platform. The MEP2L phone and the MMk-737 GSM gateway allow to establish easy, efficient and safe emergency communications for the elevator industry. They are compatible with any telephone operator.

Securitas Alert Services GmbH: Securitas is a global knowledge leader in security. From a broad range of services of specialized guarding, technology solutions and consulting and investigations, we customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions. Everywhere from small stores to airports, our 335,000 employees are making a difference. With more than 15.000 elevator emergency units, Securitas is Germany’s biggest monitoring service provider. Besides elevator alarm management, we also offer our partners a large variety of additional services and accessories.

Teledif Italia Srl: The MicroTSA 4.0 is the smallest alarm call device for elevators. It is easy to install and program, it works with a traditional PSTN telephone line or connected to a GSM gateway. MicroTSA 4.0 can be installed behind the plate in the cabin, or on the roof and is compatible with the major call centre communication protocols. Features: Emergency alarm call management and periodical test in compliance with EN81-28, manage up to 10 telephone numbers associated with different alarm types. Independent calls for cabin alarm and maintenance alarm, low battery call with programmable voltage threshold, call centre protocol Ademco, Teledif, CLI. 2 open collector output for light signals  of alarm sent and alarm received, intercom between local phone, cabin and call centre, 1 Input programmable as auxiliary input or  filter or gong. Calls for Start/End maintenance, CLI call for not answered calls cycle, call of End of alarm, digital audio volume programmable, pre-alarm message at the push of the button in the cabin, recordable calming message in the cabin, recordable identity message, programmable, locally or remotely, by DTMF telephone device.

Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH: The new VisioLine system combines the visual emergency call with the infotainment touch screen in the cabin. In addition to the floor selection via touchscreen, all information of the visual emergency call is displayed on the central monitor. The touch screen is also used for the representation of any media content. Thus, images, company logos, slideshows, movies and internet content, such as news, weather, stock market and sports news. The arrangement of all elements is completely free. Level-dependent information, operating modes of the control, safety instructions and much more can be displayed depending on the situation. The configuration of the VisioLine is web-
based and can be set via PC or mobile device (Android and iOS). With VisioLine, passengers have a visual change during the journey and can quickly request assistance in the event of an emergency without speech. To the elevator operator VisioLine offers a platform for information and advertising. Telegärtner also provides the required transmission route and the certified control center. As the simplest and clever solution for the supply of emergency telephones of the NRT XT series, Telegärtner offers the emergency power supply USV 9 XT. It is directly plugged into the emergency call devices, the buffering is carried out by means of a special battery which is supplied and which, in the event of a power failure, covers the prescribed bridging time and is permanently monitored. In case of failure of the battery, a corresponding message is sent to the control center. The elevator can be shut down by means of a switching output. With the AWM kompaktPlus, Telegärtner supplements its electronic elevator controls with a modular system consisting of a basic module, a cab module and a remote control unit. The basic module is located in the machine room or in the control cabinet. It provides all necessary connections for the sensors and the other modules. The cab module has the connections that affect the cabin. The remote control is used when the basic module is difficult to access. The modular system is completed by a series of sensors which cover all cases of elevator types and conditions.

Lift controllers, sensor technology etc.

Apollo Power Technology Co. Ltd. has been established as from 1994 and has launched an Auto Rescue Device for lifts in 2004. Most of the famous elevator companies are using our products. Our main office and factory are in Taiwan but we have production facilities also in China. We sell our Auto Rescue Device worldwide to customers and we have developed a new generation of products. These models shall match the market needs better.

Beta Control s.r.o. shows a new lift control system type BC-NELA with the following feature: compliant with standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50, traction and hydraulic lift type, geared and gearless traction machine, different design and location of cabinets includes a modern MRL solutions, absolute positional system, easy installation, new functions increasing the safety and comfort of residents.
New control system unit BC-NELA-LCS: microprocessor-based, LCD display for setting parameters, parameters can be set remotely via PC, tablet or mobile phone, remote monitoring, time and date stamped diagnostics.
New car operating panel SYNERGY: TFT display 5“ or 9“, optional surface treatment (stainless steel or powder coating with variable colour), company logo on customer request, variable button shape (square or round), variable colour of LED backlight.
E-SERVIS: web service electronic application, online lift control from the service centre via the Internet, immediate information about the quality of the lift operation, access into the user environment via a login (user name, password), great for lift owner for access to the inspection logs and operating data.

Fitre S.P.A. - Fitre Componenti Division proudly announce the production, Made in Italy, of RJ and MX models of the SMP12M family of Magnetic Sensors for Lift Market. They are specifically developed for pre-wired electric Lift Systems. The Fitre RJ and MX magnetic sensors have plug & play connectors, which allow faster and error-proof system deployment.

Garan Elevator Load Weighing: The compact EWS 102 Control unit can be used with any of the Garan beam, rope and cabin sensors. In addition, Garan has recently introduced two new versions of the EWS 102, the Multi Analog which in single unit can provide user selectable outputs for current (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA) or voltage (0-5V, 0-10V, +/-5V or +/-10V) and also the Proximity Sensor version.

Henning GmbH & Co. KG presents:
The WEARWATCHER Condition Based Maintenance Optimized Lifecycle of Components  -  Cloud-Based Wear Detection
The WEARWATCHER is an acceleration measurement device with integrated analysing unit. It monitors the most important elevator parameter. Problems and abnormalities are detected before the elevator system is being influenced. Due to the condition based evaluation, maintenance is only necessary when indicated. Long period trend analysis makes it possible to detect problems with the rails. Nearly 60% of all failures of an elevator are caused by the cabin or shaft doors. WEARWATCHER can help to reduce these failures to a minimum by the use of targeted evaluation. Even problems on drive units with motor and gear can be detected and evaluated. Long period trend analysis makes it possible to detect problems and defects at the guide as well. Increase of availability, minimizing defects, minimizing downtimes, Predictable maintenance, lifetime maximization of components, saving costs by utilization of component wear reserve. The Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0; the so called Cloud, all these terms describe a technology which is becoming more popular. This technology is being used by the WEARWATCHER. The collected data, resulting messages and alarms are transmitted automatically via the internet by a standard protocol into the HENNING-CLOUD.
An app and different services are running inside this HENNING-CLOUD and can be accessed by any web-compatible device via its internet browser ONE CLOUD FOR ALL! The Cloud provides a number of functions to the user: User management, graphic illustration of the calculated parameter in different views, management of messages and alarms, sending out messages, alarms and maintenance indications to the maintenance staff, statistics about received alarms, availability of the elevator, lifetime of components, etc., remote configuration of WEARWATCHER, remote software updates, export of selected data for further evaluation by the use of a load weighing device, a more precise evaluation is possible. By classifying the current load, a more precise distinction can be made between individual components.

Shenzhen ITLONG Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. exhibitor of 2017 interlift, the main product on display in the stand as below: Elevator Floor Access Card Control System, mobile App Sensing Access Control, - intercom linkage system, card readers, floor Access controller, Development and Innovation: ITLONG has over 20 years of experience in Access control technology, we keep innovate and cultivate the new technology as core value to provide a smart life for the people.
Modusystem: The Modu-tool is a universal hand terminal which can be used on multiple lift brands. It isn’t just a service tool, but also a portable manual and support device. When the Modu-tool became successful in the fields, we’ve launched other supplementary devices which make the elevator work for you! Our newest product, the Modu-view, joins the IoT. It is a complete monitoring system with lift emergency phone function for several controllers. You will be able to do more maintenance with just as much people.

MORSETTITALIA SpA was founded in 1972 as a company specialized in the distribution of electrical terminal blocks. After 10 years of business on the experience gained, develops its own range of connection devices for electrical panels and circuit boards. The flexible structure adopted today allows to provide customers with complete systems of labelling and electronic modules such as relays, power supplies and signal converters. Are the technical skills and market knowledge that direct MI worldwide, making it able to design, produce, deliver and support its customers in the fields of low-voltage and industrial automation.

OCTÉ: presents 3 new products:
COPTER: New optronic detection system  This new version of OCTÉ optronic detection adds in the same system higher level of safety and higher performance. The end switch, limit inspection, reduced pit and Headroom clearances protection are now managed only by COPTER. The performance is also increased with a speed control until 3 m/s and a SIL 3 safety level. COPTER reduces the number of components in the shaft and increases the performance of the lift with reliability.
VERSO controller: Since its start in 2015, VERSO has integrated many new functions. The controller is now available to manage different elevator control versions: new MRL solutions, hydraulic modernisation and MRL modernisation. VERSO also manages new automatic test control for the lift. VERSO is the intuitive controller solution for all your needs.
TOPAZ VOICE SYNTHESIS & ENCODER: The only encoder equipped with an accelerometer and a magnetic sensor. This new system is designed to provide a reliable and complete answer for controlling the display and voice synthesis. Its LCD screen and menus are very easy to use. It offers a wide range of functions and adjustable parameters to suit many types of installation. TOPAZ VOICE SYNTHESIS & ENCODER is the ideal solution.

Guangzhou Robustel Ltd.: Robustel EG8001 is an industrial gateway designed for elevator monitoring, supports 2G/3G/4G cellular networks and is equipped with third party management platform. Robustel EG8001 provides fast, reliable and stable Internet connectivity for elevator applications.

S. & A.S. Ltd.: NEW Seamless lift evacuation (No abrupt stopping) to the nearest floor in the direction that draws less current for geared and gearless machines.

K. A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG Industrielle Sicherheitsschaltsysteme: Dynamic online solution for lift systems. Schmersal Böhnke + Partner is set to showcase its first ever Cloud solution.  Schmersal's lift control units can now transfer data and status information for lift systems via a gateway into the Cloud. To do this, they use a non-proprietary software solution. This means that data is displayed on a standard browser and made accessible to the user via a secure VPN connection. The data are hosted on an EU-based server. As a result, lift operators receive location-independent access to all lift systems over the Internet using an interface designed especially for the lift application. Components for elevators compliant with the Machinery Directive: Schmersal Böhnke + Partner is showcasing the AZM 161 solenoid interlock, which is suitable for all elevators certified in accordance with Machinery Directive DIN EN ISO 13849-1. This electromechanical solenoid interlock, which is also tried and tested in automation technology, has already been used in many elevator technology applications - such as goods elevators and wind turbine lifts - for locking shaft doors.

SECURLIFT SAGL: Securlift is the only Swiss company producing digital controllers, COP, LOP and pre-wired components. Secur 3 is the latest and most advanced controller of SECURLIFT and was developed as a universal solution. This means that the same set of circuit boards with the same software is used for all types of lift. The pre-wired component (shaft cabling, travelling cable, shaft components, SECURLIFT and Schäfer COP) allow a faster and error-free installation! A whole series of COP is available, including surface-mounted panels, which are very suitable for modernization.

Variotech Produktions- und HandelsgmbH. Variotech GmbH is an innovative family owned company that is working in the field of safety technology and is one of the strong brands within the elevator industry. The increasingly international focus, combined with many years of professional competence, characterizes the highly flexible company true to their motto … keep it simple
UCM ENA3: The ENA3 control unit, which has been tested according to EN81 20/50, is independent of the control and can be used for any type of elevators, if these are equipped with an A3 certified stopping element (brake actuator), such as an over-speed governor with safety gear, gearless rope brakes, traction sheave brakes, rope brakes, hydraulic safety valves, etc. Due to the systems independence from the lift control type and its simple way of integration, it is also perfectly suitable for upgrading and retrofitting of existing lifts.
ANTS SAFE complete system: The ANTS SAFE complete system is an absolute and redundant shaft information system for the elevator which is able to realize various safety functions. The system is capable of replacing the mechanical limit switches, it emulates a door zone signal (for pre-opening of doors / subsequent correction) and monitors the UCM case (Unintended Car Movement) according to EN81 20/50. Shaft heights up to 392 m and cabin speeds up to 5 m / s are supported, with the system. The complete system consists of two devices, the ANTS-SAFE encoder and the ANTS-SAFE evaluation unit.

Weidmüller GmbH & Co. KG: Weidmüller FieldPower® Elevator: Innovative, customized shaft wiring system for elevator technology. – Industrial Analytics for elevator and escalator technology. – Technical presentation: "Predictive Maintenance - Smart Services enabled by Advanced Analytics". Weidmüller is presenting customized solutions for the elevator and escalator industry at "interlift2017". This includes the innovative FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring system and Industrial Analytics, where they are showcasing a forward-looking analysis system for predictive maintenance. As a partner for the elevator industry going back over many years, the team of specialists at Weidmüller has a broad range of skills and a great depth of understanding for customer applications.

Zemic Europe B.V.: Zemic Europe will introduce 3 elevator weighing systems (EWS). We will introduce 3 different solutions; EWS: under Springs, EWS: into Springs, EWS: Cabin. Our elevator weighing systems have the following important features in common. Indication when elevator is loaded to 90%., determines if the elevator is overloaded. - When less than 15kg, the elevator does not move (child protection). Adjusts engine power required to actual weight.

Doors and door drives

ALPHASYSTEM S.A. Quality Automatic Lift Doors! Quality, Reliability, Safety. Three concepts that describe the way ALPHASYSTEM S.A. works and its products as well, which more and more elevator companies trust for their projects. Having the know-how, complete and modern mechanical equipment, rigorous quality control of the production process, highly trained and specialized human resources, the partners’ needs are consistently and directly served. Staying focused on the quality and safety of our clients’ projects, ALPHASYSTEM S.A. provides a complete range of products and solutions, such as: automatic sliding doors – side opening, automatic sliding doors – central opening, folding car doors – BUS type, mechanical components for locking device. During interlift 2017, ALPHASYSTEM S.A. is going to present its new products which are compatible with the new European Norms EN 81 20/50.

Langer & Laumann Ingenieurbüro GmbH: Customized drive solutions for your lift are our passion! At this year's INTERLIFT in Augsburg we will present our versatile spare parts program to you. No matter which door you want to convert, we will provide you with the right roles and guide shoes with every conversion kit. Special attention is given to our new TSG sinus drive with encoder. It is used for electronic operation of interlocks and spreading skates. The TSG sinus drive is now equipped with an encoder and is controlled via the significantly improved expansion board in the TSG electronics. A self-sufficient measuring not only saves time during commissioning, but also helps to avoid sources of error. It is possible to connect up to two TSG sinus drives, so that even in the case of central doors with two spreader skates, no wishes stay open. The stroke of the TSG sinus drive can be varied between 20 and 60 mm. This drive is an excellent modernization solution for lifts with old locks. Visit our stand and get a picture of the versatility of the new TSG sinus drive with encoder.

MEILLER Aufzugtüren GmbH: at this year’s interlift Meiller will focus on an extremely interesting and forward-looking topic - the digital future of lifts. In particular, we will be asking what role the lift door can play as a mechanical component in an inter-connected environment. A lift door’s intelligence is essentially located in the car door, and it is for this that we have developed our new drive concept, the MiDrive (Meiller intelligent Drive), which is being introduced to the public for the first time at the Interlift 2017. Here is a selection of the new drive’s product features: One controller for combining with several motor variations, CANopen fitted as standard, Optical coupling possible between two controllers (master/slave configuration), servo mode to support manual door opening in the event of an emergency release of large, heavy doors, condition monitoring: storing and evaluation of life-time data, energy-saving modes ECO and ECO-Plus, fast and simple commissioning using touch display or phone app.
We will, however, also be displaying a number of other new products from the world of lift doors:
Compact door series: doors conceived for modernisation, with an extremely low transom height of only 218 mm (landing doors) or 300 mm (car doors).
Premius® vertical lifting gate: we will also be showing the Premius® S4 landing door to go alongside the Premius® K4 car door. Fitted with the new MiDrive door drive, both controllers are optically coupled and run synchronously.
Speed®. The door with optimised opening and closing times, designed especially for fast lifts with high transport capacities.
HD (Heavy Duty) door with an 800 kg motor, TM 1-DV double skates and the new Gravida® heavy duty sill, suitable for lifts with nominal loads of up to 10 tons
ZENIT®: the heavy duty door with the extremely robust construction for lifts designed for rough industrial use or with oversized entrance dimensions.
DT 39/1: the new single-panel swing door in vandal-resistant construction.
DT 39/2 swing door: example of a robust swing door for use with industrial lifts with large entrance widths and heights.
FingerGuard®: the innovative safety system designed to prevent children getting their fingers trapped.
Modernisation solutions: car doors pursuant to EN81-20 with skates modified for doors made by other manufacturers.
Fire-tested glass door panels in custom constructions.
Gravida®: the versatile sill concept with the new heavy-duty construction for lifts with nominal loads of up to 10 tons.

MERİH Asansör was founded in 1977 as an elevator installation and maintenance company. With 40 years of experience MERİH successfully continues to serve elevator sector worldwide by manufacturing automatic lift doors and lift cabins and providing complete lift solutions for its customers under the brand name MARS ELEVATOR. MERİH will participate at interlift to exhibit products compliant with 81-20 and EN 81-50 Standards. These products include automatic lift doors, manual doors, cabins, frames and motor stands. Among its lift door products MERİH will exhibit the B-01 door model, which has a strong construction and is a perfect choice for high-traffic buildings, C-01 door model, which has relieved design and is designed for medium-traffic buildings, B-20 door model which displays superior performance with minimized dimensions and L-FIT door model used in modernization applications because of its compact design. Among the cabin models the new Cezeri and the Anti-vandal cabin model, designed to endure intentional damage, will be exhibited.

Prolift Asansör San. Ve Tic. A.S. is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic doors for lifts. We supply complete automatic car and landing doors as well as door mechanisms for telescopic and central opening door from 2 to 6 panels. PROLIFT Asansor focused on safety and quality. The products are designed, produced and tested in our R&D department by qualified engineers and technicians before releasing to the customers. The products are certificated by LİFTİNSTİTUUT. On interlift Prolift shall present their hassle-free mechanism at the most affordable prices on the market.

Siemens AG: Innovation for elevators – benefits of digitalization
Under the motto „Innovation for elevators – benefits of digitalization“, the SIEMENS AG will be showing innovative solutions for elevator components. We introduce as a highlight: “Service at every level - in the elevator, in the building and with the Siemens Cloud Mind Sphere also worldwide”. With the innovative door management system SIDOOR, elevators can be maintained condition-oriented by cloud-based apps and services - at every level. A further main focus is SIRIUS components and solutions. SIRIUS modular system combines digital planning and compliance to industry standards while meeting your needs for any elevator and or escalator application. SIRIUS ACT with powerful command and signalling devices, with reliability for fail-safe operation and long service life, and highest degree of protection (IP69K).

TER GmbH: is a manufacturer of automatic door systems for lifts, bus- and rail technology. Our decades of experience as a system supplier are reflected in the design of the products in terms of performance, reliability and availability. Our best global reference is more than 100,000 door systems in successful daily operation. As high-light we present a maintenance-free, universally applicable locking according to EN 81-20/50, which has the following features: compact design, easy and fast assembly, innovative energy storage

TRI-TRONICS is a U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in elevator door protection systems. Our latest product is the InvisiGuard Razor. This elevator edge is an all-in-one system perfect for U.S. and E.U. cab modernizations. The InvisiGuard Razor features a robust, attractive 12 mm wide slim-line design can be installed in minutes. Our unique dovetail bracket design makes it easy to configure the edge for mounting to side and center parting doors. Other features include 5-way cross scanning for dense coverage, flexible and durable 5-meter-long cables made of a high-flex material, universal voltage power supply 20-265 Vac/Vdc, and complies with EN-81-70: 5.2.4 and is IP65 weatherproof rated.

Wittur Holding GmbH: This time Wittur cube is going to showcase for the first time in a major event in Europe the new Wittur group including Sematic, the focus will be the new combined range of doors, probably the widest range in the entire lift industry. A second topic in focus is Industry 4.0: Wittur development to extract information in digital format from running elevator doors and make this information available to our customers to develop innovative supervision systems.


ANLEV (HK) Ltd. is a manufacturer for lift, escalator, moving walkway and Pedarco. Our escalators/walkways have been wildly sold to different Metros and subways in world, and we are happy to tailor made our product to fulfil the special requirement from your customer.


Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH pretends that one of the most difficult challenges of transportation is the fact to transport heavy lift motors up- and downstairs. Normally, two people must tackle the goods, means back and joints are unduly strained and probably accidents occur easily or in worst case loss of personnel is not possible to prevent. A perfect solution for plagued installers is the stair climber C400 produced by AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH and it is specially developed for the lift industry. The CargoMaster allows the transport loads up to 400 kg in single-handedly, which makes it to be a reliable partner. Through to the attached lift, even the loading and unloading of goods into vehicles or on platforms is possible without big effort. By lifting or lowering the electrical adjustable loading fork, it is easily able to adjust the ideal center of gravity of the transported goods. The safety brakes stop automatically at each step, ensuring a safe transport. Even with the huge permanent load, which is exposed to the stair lift, the wheels of the CargoMaster are puncture-proof. The power supply is provided by a rechargeable battery pack, which can be charged via the mains charger. Depending on the load, the battery charge is sufficient for 8 to 15 floors.

Arbeit Sicher PTE LTD: Encompassing safety environmental value is important to every stakeholder. Arbeit Sicher promotes and keep abreast on versatility yet holistic, with good safety and health practices working environment to all workmen and stakeholders. TeMP System with its innovative range of products, empowers a perfect crossover from traditional practises on working at height that facilitate the entire lifespan of a lift and escalator.

BTR Brandschutz-Technik u. Rauchabzug GmbH: One might think that there is nothing new to discover where lift smoke extraction is concerned. BTR-Hamburg proves the opposite is the case and presents a new, innovative building block of the tried and tested lift shaft smoke extraction system LIFT-SMOKE-FREE to trade visitors at the Interlift 2017. The managing directors of the company, Kurt Seifert and Karsten Jedamski, warmly invite you to attend the "unveiling" of this innovation.

ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH: Alternative Load Carrier: Polyrope Replaces Steel Ropes in Elevator Construction Over 100 years, the steel rope has been indispensable as load carrier until robust polyurethane flat belts were introduced into the elevator industry in the late 1990s. In the meantime, ContiTech has pursued the successful flat-belt technology: with the approval of the composite rope Polyrope, an alternative to the classic steel rope is available to the free market and elevator companies around the world. The Polyrope features 2 mm thick steel ropes consisting of 49 individual strands, which are embedded in a polyurethane coating. They give the composite rope its high tensile and breaking strength. The coating is durable, resistant to hydrolysis and has very good traction properties: even at maximum load, a reliable power transmission is given. As a result, the product offers an extremely long service life. The Polyrope lasts up to three times longer and is 20 percent lighter than comparable steel ropes. Moreover, lubrication is not necessary. This helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. The composite rope shows its strengths particularly where compact construction is required: the Polyrope allows the use of traction sheaves and diverter pulleys with smaller diameters – this ensures more space in the shaft. In addition, drives without gears and machine rooms become possible. And these advantages are not all: especially user’s benefit from the use of the composite rope since the elasticity of the polyurethane coating reduces noise and vibrations during operation. This enables a considerably quieter elevator operation and increases travelling comfort. The Polyrope is therefore a good alternative to the steel rope, especially when noise protection is crucial – for example in residential homes or in medical institutions. In the composite rope Polyrope, 2 mm thick steel ropes are embedded in a polyurethane coating. As a result, a load carrier is produced, which lasts up to three times longer and is about 20 percent lighter than comparable steel ropes.
Fixator LM 300S+ and LM 500+ have been redesigned and highlight FIXATOR's innovative technology with a new concept of operation and more comfort. ERGONOMIC: the electric box, near the motor, is smaller in size and the carrying handles make easy to hold. COMPACT, LIGHT and ROBUST (billet aluminium casing). INNOVATIVE: the "Stand" (option) for use through floor openings.

Giovenzana International BV, since more than 60 years, is worldwide well known in the industrial technology field for Handling System, Automation, Lifting Equipment, Maintenance, Command and control of moving parts. Product quality, innovation, orientation towards excellence represents the mission of Giovenzana International BV.  To guarantee the best safety solutions in accordance with our customers’ specific needs Giovenzana always search continuous contact to their customers and corporate analysis of technical needs to better identify the potential developments of the own product range to make it capable to be the best solution.

GRAMA BLEND GmbH Natural stone is experiencing a renaissance – one can follow this trend with HybridStone. Two more materials, Valser Quarzit and Marianna Grey are new additions to the range of the BlendStone® product line. As innovative product developments, Grama Blend proudly presents the HybridStone Ceramic, HybridStone Terrazzo and HybridStone Concrete. Grama Blend® is a highly specialized industrial enterprise for HybridStone and supplier of exclusive complete solutions for interior fitting. With BlendStone® Grama Blend offers you solutions for floor-, wall-, and lift car panelling, as well as translucent products and operator control panels.

Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon ITAINNOVA: The Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón will be presented at interlift with all its technical capabilities and material and human resources aimed at covering all those needs of companies in the sector related to innovation, design and certification of components and complete elevator. In particular, the Institute has recently focused its activity on energy efficiency, PESSRALs and especially on the introduction of advanced monitoring and control technologies for future lifts. As far as industrial processes and operations are concerned, a field of work of special relevance for the Institute is the introduction of the concepts of Industry 4.0 and digitalization in manufacturing companies and especially in SMEs. These technologies can help companies to become more competitive and optimize their processes. In this sense, the Institute offers companies its technical expertise in the technologies of industry 4.0 as well as advisory and consultancy services to define and specify the possibilities of digitalization and implementation of advanced technologies in companies in the sector, defining a roadmap that allows the company to place it at a new competitive level.

Jordahl GmbH: With concreted-in JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts it is possible to reliably and safely install elevator guide rails, elevator doors and other loads in concrete and masonry shafts. They are quickly and easily installed, durable and reliable thanks to the corrosion-free and high-quality material, fatigue resistant and therefore also highly regarded by planners and users the world over. This is because the safety and quality of JORDAHL® anchor channels have been proven internationally in numerous projects and set standards in connection systems. JORDAHL® anchor channels are available in a wide variety of designs. Where required we are also happy to design individual solutions to your special demands. JORDAHL® anchor channels come complete with European Technical Approval number ETA-09/0338.

Kiess GmbH: Kiess Interiors creates extraordinary elevators for extraordinary buildings. High quality materials and sophisticated techniques pave the way to create a classic luxurious design with inlaid work and veneer or a clean modern style with high-gloss surfaces, leather and metal elements – in series if needed. Elevators welcome your visitors and highlight the character of a place. Kiess Interiors turns design into reality and imparts an individual character to the cabins through fine craftsmanship - Giving every visitor a unique experience! Our newest addition to our broad range of services is tap proof facilities with high-class interior fittings, also available for your elevator.

Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd.: Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd. was established in 1961 based on a West-European technology and know-how. Wire Rope Works Messilot has been distributing its elevator ropes in North America and other parts of the world since the 1980's as well as special wire ropes for Scaffolds, Cranes and Tower Cranes with high performance Rotation Resistant wire ropes. We take great care in producing our wire ropes and our specifications requirements are more stringent than all international standards. Of course, all our products are fully tested according to our ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures

Nergiz Kablo ve Plastik San. ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti. manufactures PVC flat flexible standard and special elevator cables. Nergiz also manufactures halogen free 12x075, 24x075 cables, shielded elevator cables for canbus communication and special PVC cables with Cat5e and RG6.

Pellicer Technology: with 30 years of experience, has achieved to design and manufacture the most efficient rotating platforms for car parking, with up to 70% less power needed, at only 180 Watts. This is possible thanks to our PLTR system (Pellicer Low Rotating Resistance system). The flattest turntable needs only 5 cm for the gearbox. Our PLTR system gets: Less frictions, less power needed, less maintenance, less breakdowns but offers more reliability and profitability. The parking turntables can be installed by lift installers in only 5 hours.

Industrias Pevi S.A.: Range of supply:  Flat power cable with data elements:
LAN CAT5e to CAT7, coaxial, optical fiber, migration from CANbus to Industrial Ethernet, links for Ethernet 10/100 to Gigabit,  Modernization of lifts without main cable exchanging: LAN CAT5e to CAT7, coaxial, optical fiber

RIMEX Metals (Deutschland) GmbH: Stainless steel in elevator construction means: Highest quality, finest design and timeless elegance. The RIMEX Metals Group specializes in the production of stainless steel surface finishes. In our own production, we roll, polish, blast and colour stainless steel sheets, so we can offer flexible, high-quality and above all customer-specific finishes. Finishes are available in 1.4301 (304) and 1.4404 (316L) quality as standard. Due to decades of experience as a partner of the elevator industry, we accurately understand the requirements of the market. Therefore, we can offer excellent quality and optimal customer-specific service for the delivery of stainless steel sheets. Roll structures: LINEN, 2WL, 56WL, 6WL, 7GM®, 10WG, 9EH and many more. Surfaces: GRANEX ™, SuperMirror, VORTEX ™, SATIN ColourTex®: Black, Bronze, Gold, RosyGold, Champagne, Blue.

Schwartz GmbH Technical Plastics presents a new generation of deflection sheaves - the OPTAMID® EasyFlex® deflection sheave.
Rope sheaves for lifting gear have hardly changed over the centuries. They consist of a disk with several grooves in which the ropes are guided. Simple sheaves and a classical steel rope may hold no problems, but it is quite a different thing when several ropes with different tensions are moved over a rope sheave and when plastic-sheathed ropes are used. Schwartz GmbH Technical Plastics have tackled the roping and rope tension balancing problem and have developed a completely new rope sheave with separate flexible OPTAMID® EasyFlex® grooves. Rings which can be separately moved are fixed on a basic polyamide body. This revolutionary design offers numerous benefits to both lift manufacturers and operators, such as:
a simple and faster roping owing to movable grooves, easy and cost efficient assembly and setting of plastic-sheathed wire ropes and similar lifting appliances, separate rings allow each single rope to be independently moved and set, short installation times, uniform rope tension leading to a substantial longer rope service life (up to 1.8 times), lower weight of the Optamid® EasyFlex®  deflection sheave compared to a steel sheave and thus offering lightweight features, substantial reduction of life-cycle-costing, noticeable improvement of the lift ride comfort.

simatec ag: Elevator lubrication with simalube. Diverter Pulley: The simalube lubricator is used for lubricating the bearing of the diverter pulley. The lubricator is mounted directly to the grease point of the pulley.
Guide rail: The simalube lubrication system is the optimal solution for the guide rail. It protects the rail with a constant film of oil and cleans it at the same time. The simalube elevator brush set is fixed directly to the elevator roof or the guide rail shoe.
Elevator ropes: Also, the elevator ropes can easily be lubricated with the simalube lubricator. Hereby, the simalube square brush supplies continuously the care product onto the ropes and cleans it simultaneously.
Escalator lubrication with simalube
Drive chain: The simalube dispensing unit oils the chain continuously; the brush set is fixed directly to the U-profile.
Escalator chain: The brush lubricates the chain links on both sides; the plastic rollers are only slightly dampened.
Escalator step guides: The lubrication system comprises a short brush, a fixing component and a dispenser and is suitable for use with Schindler escalators. The system is fixed directly to the step.
 Benefits of the simalube lubrication systems: The easy-to-use simalube lubrication systems guarantee optimal care of elevators and escalators. These special lubrication systems are exceptionally reliable and efficient. Assembly sets are available for retrofitting of elevators and escalators made by the best-known manufacturers.

SODICA announces the new website: Sodica mobile, more than 150 000 spare parts for elevators and escalators at your fingertips! Sodica is glad to introduce at Interlift a brand new mobile site. Fast and easy to use, this website has been designed with professional elevator reviews. Browse a 150 000 spares parts catalogue, create & broadcast shopping list, and of course place order … wherever you are! As the desktop version, Sodica’s mobile site is already available in 4 languages (French, English, German, and Spanish).

Stingl GmbH: INTERLIFT 2017 new products at STINGL
LED car lighting systems TUV-certified according to VDI4707-2
LED shaft lighting systems according to EN81-20/50
Key boxes and key safes
Safe space mats according to EN81-20/50
Pit ladders according to EN81-20/50
BASE shaft smoke exhaust systems (only available in Germany)
Car guard rails according to EN81-20/50
Car aprons according to EN81-20/50
ABS – anchorage points according to EN795
BORNACK safety gear for lift technicians
GIOVENZANA products according to EN81-20/50
e-li handrail systems

Tekin Makina Sanayi A.Ş. was established in 1975. Our company produces elevator spare parts, such as: pulleys, rollers, sliding guides, guide holder inserts, lubricators and safety gears.

WAIN Electric GmbH, established in 2005, is a company specialized in design and manufacture of heavy duty connectors. The company is certificated with ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001. WAIN is now the leading company in the field of heavy duty connector in China, and it aims at offering reliable solutions to global customers. The products of WAIN are widely applied in the areas of railway industry, wind industry, automation and machinery manufacturing.

Weber Tec GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, sets a new benchmark in economic efficiency, speed and reliability, with its innovative repair method for escalator steps and moving walkway pallets. EsCare is the name of the revolutionary method that allows the repair on location! The repair services include: Repairs by welding and checks for hair line cracks in the workshop, the repair of built-in steps and pallets on location, and also in the workshop sourcing and storage of spare parts, inspection, antislippery-coating.

YANMAGNS CO LTD: Ideacity that manufactures and exports non-powered escalator handrail sterilizers. This Clearwin product is not a drug or a heating system to change the object, and has adopted the UV disinfection method optimized for sterilizing escalator handrails, and it boasts a strong sterilizing power by using the UV-C wavelengths acting most strongly on the virus. Key features include, the continuous disinfection: sustainable and strong sterilization, depending on the escalator drive, the UV disinfection: ultraviolet sterilization methods most suited to 99.9% handle disinfection. Simplification: miniaturization and lightweight do not cause any discomfort to users for the escalator, and installation can be possible for the moving walk in operation. Financially feasible price level, self-powered methods safely usable without risk of electrical accidents. Convenient maintenance: 10,000 hours of lamp life and a convenient structure for maintenance and advertising available: company logo as desired can be printed on the front of the product.

ZXTECH (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: ETP Introduction
Relying on Eighteen years of training service experience in elevator industry, ZXtech transforms the traditional methods and applies the serious game training mode to change the study from negative to positive. With the assistance of PC, VR helmet and mobile phone to realize the integrated training platform covering study, exercise and test. The study courseware applies various presentation methods including 3D animation, delivers the knowledge and skills of elevator installation and maintenance in a vivid, precise and visualized way. It provides multi-level training contents. Adopt VR technology, simulate practical operational environment of real elevator, as well as bring the game-based and immersive interacted study experience for the trainees. Record the study behaviors in detail and analyze the practical outcomes with precision.  Realize the on-line simulated practical operation and theoretic test, based on the process data analysis and continue optimizing training content. Realize the training planning management, training effect follow-up and training outcome statistics. Promote the initiative of trainees and realize the integrated process management of training.   


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Süderstraße 282
20537 Hamburg, Germany

Phone +49.40.727301-50
Fax     +49.40.727301-60
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